What to Expect in your IPL Skin Consultation


What to expect in your IPL Skin Consultation?

All clients who are new to IPL at Brazilian Butterfly are required to have a free consultation prior to any treatment being performed. Not only to ensure that you get the best results but to make sure the settings are customised to your skin type. Your therapist will perform a test patch to ensure there are no adverse effects.

When you arrive in the salon you will be greeted by one of our friendly Brazilian Butterfly therapists who will take you through to the treatment room.

They will then work through an IPL Skin Consultation form with you, asking questions regarding medical conditions, skin concerns, and areas you wish to treat. From there, they will discuss your skin type and the process of the services they recommend that are best suited to you. There are several contributing factors to ensure you are eligible for IPL Skin treatments. All of this will be discussed in your consultation.



Medical conditions, skin types, age, skin conditions and other factors can affect your eligibility to receive treatments. This will all be discussed and determined in your consultation. It is important to note that IPL cannot be performed on skin that has tanning product on it, so please ensure all fake tan is removed prior to your consultation and your IPL sessions.

Problem Areas/Desired Results

Your therapist will spend time discussing your skin concerns and what your desired results are from the treatment. We are results driven and want to give you an accurate indication of exactly the results you could achieve.


Post consult, you will be prescribed a suggested product plan for you to use in the lead-up to your treatments commencing. This will ensure your skin is prepped and ready for your treatment and will assist in achieving the best possible results!

We also have a variety of IPL package options available in the salon.

It’s all about making sure you know what can be done for you and your skin type, how it will work, and why Brazilian Butterfly is your best option for healthier and better-looking skin.