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Hi! I’m Tanya Farrar, founder of Brazilian Butterfly.


My story began when I was a 29-year-old mother of three, with my youngest not even one yet and my middle child born with special needs.


I wanted to create a beauty business with a simple belief that waxing could be done better, more efficiently, and definitely more hygienic. I wanted the space to be inviting and friendly for everyone, with a relaxed atmosphere. 


So, I decided “I’m going to go to work now hubby. You get to be at home with the kids because I have this amazing idea to take Brazilian waxing into the mainstream, to leave behind its slightly seedy image and establish it as just another beauty service like waxing an armpit.”


When I found my first space in Bridge Rd Richmond, I knew I was home. My new home for several years anyway!


Balancing time for myself and the kids was not easy or often, but luckily, they had a capable and fun dad to rely on to fill my role.

While I was at work, hubby and the kids would spend the evenings filling and labelling our BB products on the kitchen bench (which my eldest daughter excelled at!).


Then came franchising our now growing brand across Australia and no longer ‘bottling our product on the kitchen bench’.


I am proud to say we develop and maintain our own Australian owned, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly wax, and a range of BB aftercare products which are sold in salons and online.


With a strong emphasis on training and development, customer care, and our new next-generation salons rolling out, we are ready to take Brazilian Butterfly into the future of beauty.


We are looking forward to seeing where this next part of our journey lands.