Can I have a laser or IPL hair removal treatment while pregnant?

With the rise of laser & IPL hair removal, we have had a few mummas-to-be enquire about whether they can have a laser & IPL hair removal treatment whilst pregnant.

Firstly, congratulations!

Given that laser & IPL hair removal is a relatively new treatment, there has been no testing carried out to guarantee the safety of laser & IPL hair removal treatment while pregnant, and given that a little bubba is involved, no such testing is likely to occur as it would be unethical.

Whilst there is no link between laser & IPL hair removal and negative effects on pregnancy or lactating women, there is also no evidence to guarantee it is safe and as such we advise all our pregnant or lactating clients to wait until they have finished breast feeding before commencing laser & IPL hair removal.

But don’t stress, if you want to continue with laser or IPL hair removal treatment while pregnant, we do recommend waxing and threading throughout your pregnancy. Then after you’ve finished breastfeeding, you can go back to laser or IPL hair removal!

If you would like to discuss laser & IPL hair removal further, with one of our experienced therapists, or are interested in a waxing or threading appointment you can find your local salon or book online now.