Is labia puffing the new face lift?

Us women have an ongoing battle with time. We invest millions of dollars in cosmetics and procedures to fight the good fight against wrinkles, from anti-ageing serums to a cheeky nip-tuck.

But there is now a growing number of women who are taking the wrinkle-fight one step further. Brace yourself for a different kind of lip injection treatment.

The down-low on Labia Puffing

Despite sounding like some sort of rash, labia puffing is a cosmetic treatment set to rejuvenate your lady garden to its former glory.

It involves injecting a woman’s own fat or dermal fillers into her labia majora, to boost volume, promote elasticity and iron out any creases.

Interestingly, the average age for the treatment has dropped from 35 to 28, with reports indicating a 45 per cent increase in the number of women enquiring about the procedure since 2010.

Why do it?

It’s a confidence thing! It is reported that women who have undergone this treatment see a boost in their sex drive, thanks to a boost in their confidence. Not to mention the drop in average age strongly indicates that people are taking more interest in the aesthetics of their genital area.

The treatment takes around 30 minutes to do and has minimal downtime, but will set you back a whopping $3000.

I’m all for confidence, but needles?

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