Looking for a cheaper waxing salon – Consider these before you do?

We get it. Whether its clothes, shoes, technology or even the Brazilian wax, we have all been tempted to look for cheaper alternatives to get us by. But do you really get what you pay for? When it comes to waxing, you absolutely do. Here’s exactly what you’re paying for.

Quality of Therapist:

The therapist is one of the most important elements of any treatment, after all, they’re the ones carrying the treatment out! It’s important they have had extensive training not only in carrying out the treatment but in the correct wax to use, the best aftercare products for your treatment and skin type and the most efficient hair removal techniques for you (that cause the least amount of pain!).

Quality of Stock:

There are many items that are used when carrying out a waxing treatment. From the type of wax used to the bed you lie on and the products used throughout the treatment, we’re always researching the products we use in salon to ensure they are of the utmost quality. The consequences of booking with a waxing salon who uses low-quality stock can range from irritation, leftover or snapped hairs or even in extreme cases, infection.

Quality of Salon:

The salon is where your treatment is going to be carried out, so it is essential that it is safe and hygienic. Cheaper, low-quality salons often cut corners when it comes to hygiene and use low-grade cleaning products to lower costs.

At Brazilian Butterfly, we consider ourselves the experts at Brazilian waxing. We have an extensive training process that all therapists go through before being able to book clients. We have over 15 years’ experience in the industry and have a specially formulated range of wax and aftercare products to look after you.

If you are due for your next appointment and want to book with a safe and reputable waxing salon you can find your nearest salon or book online now.