Vontouring is the new contouring

Given we are the experts at Brazilian waxing, it’s safe to assume that we spend more time than the average human thinking about lady parts. When we heard that ‘vontouring’ was now a thing, we had to find out more. So, what is vontouring you ask? It’s contouring for your… you know what of course! Unlike contouring, vontouring doesn’t actually require the use of makeup but instead uses a small thermal pen-like device to stimulate collagen when placed inside the vagina, promoting the labia to plump up and tighten. The treatment itself only takes 12 minutes and requires minimal downtime however you will require 4 – 6 treatments to see results. Results vary from person to person however most see an improvement in the aesthetic of the vulva and an increase in their sexual sensation.

Interested to give it a go? Unfortunately, it isn’t yet available in Australia having only just landed in the USA. If vontouring is a little too extreme for you, and you want to stick with your usual waxing routine you can find your closest salon or book online.