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Get the rich tone of skin with the top tanning services in Oakleigh

The top tanning services in Oakleigh and surrounding suburbs is all yours at Brazilian Butterfly. Get the glow of a picture perfect and completely natural looking tan happening for you.

Don’t just dream about being seen on the streets of Oakleigh with a flawless tan because you have the professionals in tanning ready for you.

It’s the perfect way to get that healthy look working for you and one that lasts longer.

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Why tanning with Brazilian Butterfly works

No-one’s skin is the same as someone else’s. That’s why it’s important to get a special tanning treatment for your skin type and colouring that will deliver the best results for you.


It pays to see the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Oakleigh. We’ll go through the whole process from start to finish and give you the best in aftercare advice.


It’s all about you having the richest and most rewarding tan possible.


You have the chance to enjoy a natural looking tan in next to no time. There’s a wide range of tanning tones for both women and men of all skin types.


That sensational looking skin can start today.

The Trusted Tanning Professionals

Tanning treatments are a specialty for Brazilian Butterfly. We’re always at the forefront of tanning methods and procedures to bring you the latest and greatest.

The ultimate in tanning is here for you. It’s just part of our comprehensive range of special beauty treatments to give you a total rejuvenation.

Right throughout the Oakleigh area, people in the know go straight to BB for their tanning needs. Whether it’s a full body or half body spray tan you’re after, Brazilian Butterfly has you covered. You can always be sure you’re in the best of hands.

For the most effective and efficient tanning treatment, you’ve come the right place.

brazilian butterfly tanning services

The best in tanning starts today

You can forget being left with second rate tanning results or going through the ordeal of trying to do it yourself.


You deserve the best of tans and that’s what Brazilian Butterfly is proud to deliver.


We help make sure you get the most natural looking tan for your skin type.


Your BB therapist can then take you through the best base colour and after-care to keep that tan going stronger for longer.


Talk to the team at Brazilian Butterfly Oakleigh today and get that great looking tan happening tomorrow. You can book online anytime you’re ready.


For the ultimate tanning services in Oakleigh as well as the best in hair removal or skin and beauty treatments, the name to know is Brazilian Butterfly.




  • Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment to remove the dead skin cells, which will make your tan apply more evenly and last longer. Pay attention to areas where the tan is likely to stick, such as the elbows, knees, shins, ankles and tops of your toes. You can pick up an exfoliating mitt or body scrub from Brazilian Butterfly before your appointment.
  • Wear the disposable G-string provided at your appointment if you’re comfortable. You are welcome to wear this home, or you can wear your own underwear, however just be mindful that the tan could stain. Or just go commando!
  • Pack your ‘going home’ clothes so that you don’t rub off your tan. Wear loose clothing that is easy to get on and off; avoid wearing jeans, a bra and tight shoes if you can. Also, be mindful that the bronzer in the tan can rub off on your clothes. While the tan formula will wash out of most fabrics, we recommend sticking to dark colours just in case.
  • Apply a small amount of lotion to the palms of your hands and soles of your feet before your spray tan so that the formula doesn’t stick and create an obvious tan line around the base of your palm/heel and inner fingers.


  • Wear deodorant when you have a spray tan appointment, as the tan formula can react with the deodorant and discolour.
  • Avoid wearing moisturiser, make-up or perfume before getting a spray tan, as this creates a barrier between the tan formula and your skin, which reduces the effectiveness of the tan and can cause the tan to discolour.



  • Wait until your tan is dry before putting your clothes on. Your therapist will use the machine to dry you off and you should feel sticky, but not wet.
  • Wash your tan off as per your therapist’s recommendation. You will notice that the cosmetic bronzer will wash off your skin, which is completely normal.
  • Keep your skin hydrated to ensure your tan lasts as long as possible. Using a gradual tan extender, like the Moroccan Tan 2 in 1 Glow Extender or 3 in 1 Luminous Extender will help prolong your tan even more.


  • Get your skin wet for at least two hours. Be particularly mindful of your hands, as this is generally the most common body part we will immerse in water – those dishes will have to wait!
  • Hit the gym while you’re waiting to wash off your tan as the perspiration will cause it to run.
  • Freak out that you’re not tanned enough after you wash off the solution. Your tan will continue to develop over the next 12-24 hours, so be patient and let it work it’s magic.
  • Sit in the sun without SPF, our solutions to not have sun protection in them.

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