Can skincare penetrate all the way to the cells?

Dullness, flushing, sagging and breakouts – four tell-tale signs that your skin isn’t what it used to be. But despite being visible on the surface, cosmetic skin concerns often start on a deeper, cellular level.

To powerfully address these problems, Brazilian Butterfly now offers BB Skin treatments that target areas of concern at the source. To go one further, we have partnered with the reputable cosmeceutical skin care company, Aspect™ to get the most out of these treatments.

What on earth is a cosmeceutical?

Cosmeceutical skincare doesn’t just sit on top of your skin, it penetrates it and gets all the way to the cells.

By acting on a cellular level, cosmeceutical skincare enhances and sustains the results of laser and IPL treatment. More importantly, this type of skincare also avoids further aggravating skin concerns, reducing the likelihood of recurrence.

Our pals at Aspect have gone one better and created a complete range of condition-specific kits, exclusive to Brazilian Butterfly’s BB Skin service menu:

Basic Starter: Featuring a purifying cleanser, age-defying Vitamin C serum, radiance-enhancing treatment and multitasking moisturiser, this skincare system is the perfect introduction to cosmeceutical correctives. Both powerful and gentle enough for sensitive skin types, the Basic Starter Kit is key to long-term skin health.

Brightening: Pigment Punch is the hero in this mini skincare system. Expertly formulated to even out skin tone, this powerful serum brightens, protects and encourages a beautifully uniform complexion. Paired with an exfoliating daily cleanser and nourishing moisturiser, radiant skin is simply one kit away.

Clarity: The solution for breakout-prone and problematic skin. Wash away embedded impurities with a gentle detoxifying cleanser, follow with a balancing Vitamin B serum, then finish with a specially-formulated treatment designed to soothe irritation, calm redness and mattify oiliness.

Redness Relief: Ideal after any laser/IPL treatment, as well as post-waxing, this skincare kit is gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skins. It features a mild facial cleanser to remove impurities, an intensely hydrating serum to cool and soothe, and an extraordinary oil formulated with Sea Buckthorn Fruit to powerfully counter redness.

Truly effective skincare goes further than just skin deep. Support, maintain and extend the results of your BB Skin treatments with cosmeceutical skincare.

This blog was contributed by the experts at Aspect. Brazilian Butterfly is now an official Aspect stockist. You can find out more about what BB Skin treatments are on offer here.