Why “Manscape?” Here’s why!

Hair removal for men is a growing trend. It even has its own name, ‘Manscaping’.

At Brazilian Butterfly, our expert team of beauty therapists surveyed our growing male clientele on why they waxed. Answers varied from male to male, but here are the most popular reasons men are turning to smooth bodies.

Topping the list was visual appeal. Men wanted to please a potential partner, and this makes sense with research showing that Australian women said men who were too hairy were the least attractive.

Other motives for a smoother, sleeker look included feeling fresher throughout gym workouts, more confident with their partner and the look of a more toned body.

Of course men into sports like swimming, cycling and athletics also found waxing a winner. For instance runners said it kept them cool, with no pulling on hair during massages, plus it helped enhance their leg muscles. Swimmers said being waxed reduced drag in the water while football and soccer players found waxing easier, especially when getting taping done.

The overall general consensus was although it would be easier to shave, waxing was preferred. In order to have the sleek feel and appearance of a hairless body, men would need to shave every couple of days. With waxing most do not need to come back to Brazilian Butterfly for three to six weeks, and hair grows back softer and finer.

Waxing for many men has become part of their maintenance routine. Men are paying attention to how they look, and they want to feel good about themselves, just like females do.

Most men who come into Brazilian Butterfly for their first wax become regulars, and they ditch the razor forever.

Brazilian Butterfly are leaders in the art of waxing for men and women.