Types of Brazilian Waxes

Ok, we admit it. We’re stuck in a Brazilian bubble. We do Brazilian waxing all day, every day, and often forget that not everyone is as familiar with the different types of Brazilian waxes as we are.
So let us fill you in. We offer 4 distinct types of Brazilian waxes; the X Brazilian, XX Brazilian, XXX Brazilian and XXXX Brazilian. It’s a lot of X’s, so let us run you through them:

X Brazilian:

The X Brazilian is also known as the ‘extended bikini wax’ or the ‘bikini line wax.’ We start this treatment by trimming the hair down to keep it nice and neat, from there about 2 fingers from the bikini line and the top is waxed. This type of wax is perfect for those receiving their first-ever Brazilian wax, or those who prefer a more natural look. The top section of hair can be straightened up to leave a ‘landing strip’ or you are welcome to leave the triangular shape. It is up to you!

XX Brazilian:

The XX Brazilian can also be referred to as the ‘g-string wax’ or ‘French wax.’ In this treatment, we will again start by trimming the hair, before waxing higher into the sides of the bikini line as well as remove the hair from the bottom. Hair will be left down the labia in a long rectangular shape. This is the ideal choice for a bride-to-be who doesn’t like being completely hairless or hasn’t had a wax before. It is also quite popular for new mothers, post-birth. When this wax is selected, enough hair will be removed that you can wear a g-string or this season’s high cut swimmers without hair showing.

XXX Brazilian:

The XXX Brazilian is the traditional Brazilian wax. In this wax we remove all the hair (including the labia and bottom) except for a floating landing strip, triangle or shape of your choice above the pubic bone. This is the perfect wax for those wanting to leave a small area of hair.

XXXX Brazilian:

The XXXX Brazilian is also known as the ‘all off’ or the ‘Hollywood wax.’ This wax will see all the hair removed from the pubic region including the bottom. This is the most popular service at Brazilian Butterfly.

Whether you prefer having no hair at all or prefer to leave a little something, there is no right or wrong decision when choosing which Brazilian wax is for you. It’s all about what makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin. If you are unsure of the best Brazilian for you, then have a chat with your BB therapist, they will be able to guide you to the best option for your preferences.

If you are ready to book in for your next Brazilian, or want to have a chat with one of our therapists you can book online or contact your nearest salon.


This blog was contributed by the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Fremantle. If you would like to book in with the experts at BB Fremantle you can book online or phone (08) 9430 5557.