The G-string Wax: Why our 2X Brazilian might be for you

How many Xs are you?

With so many wax types, it can be confusing to know which style is right for your personal preferences and lifestyle. You’ve probably heard of our 4X wax, it’s the most popular. This one’s also referred to as the ALL OFF. Yep, leaving nothing behind. But if you prefer to leave a little something down there, we’ve got something for you too.

Enter the 2X Brazilian wax

The 2X wax is also known as the ‘G-String wax’ or ‘French wax’ and is the perfect option for clients who want to be confident wearing their skimpies, but who don’t want to be completely hairless. This wax involves trimming the hair, before waxing higher into the sides of the bikini line as well as removing the hair from the bottom. Hair will remain on the labia in a long rectangular shape, giving you the best of both worlds; having pubic hair that doesn’t show!

Clients also remark that having a waxed bottom improves their bathroom efficiency (all we mean is they use less toilet paper).

So now that you’re enlightened on the G String wax, how many X’s will you opt for at your next appointment