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Having the perfect tan gives you a boost in confidence and well-being. You feel alive, refreshed and positively radiating your best. To keep that tan going and glowing, try these great tanning products from the Brazilian Butterfly collection. Your skin will thank you with a longer-lasting and more luxurious tan than ever before. You don’t need to spend hours in the harsh sun to be shining bright and beautiful.

That deep, rich glow you get from a Brazilian Butterfly tanning session is something to cherish.

Now you have the best range of after tanning products right at your fingertips.

You can order anything you need online, anytime. From tan bronzes and tan butters, to mousses, mitts and lotions – you’ll think it can’t get any better.

Oh, but it does!

You can highlight what and where you like with our tan highlighter body lotion or why not shine on light on your superbly tanned skin with a tan illuminator.

Talk about making the most of your gorgeous tan in the most beautiful way. You’ll be the talk of the town when people see that sweet browned skin throwing its glow all around.

All these quality products are specially formulated to help your tan look its absolute best. Once you have your skin looking the colour you want then get yourself the top tanning products you need to keep it that way.

For all the things you need in beauty treatments, all you need to do is head online. You won’t just look good – you’ll look great! That’s the Brazilian Butterfly way.