Why waxing in Fairfield doesn’t get better than this

Why waxing in Fairfield doesn’t get better than this

The best waxing in Fairfield gives you the smooth skin you’ve dreamt about​

The ultimate waxing in Fairfield and surrounding areas is right here at Brazilian Butterfly. You will love the look and feel of the smoothest skin you’ve ever had.

The specialists at Brazilian Butterfly Fairfield bring you the very best in beauty treatments. 



Why waxing in Fairfield works

Your skin is a living thing. It’s important that you give it the best treatment possible. That’s where Brazilian Butterfly waxing works best for your skin type. It’s just part of the reason why you can get such amazing results.


To get the smoothest skin possible, you need true professionals looking after you. You want someone who can take you through the full waxing process from start to finish and back it up with the best in aftercare advice. That’s why it pays to see the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Fairfield.


Soft, smooth, and supple skin can start today.


The Waxing Professionals you can trust

Waxing is where it all started for Brazilian Butterfly. As the proud pioneers of Brazilian waxing in Australia, we’re proud to be at the forefront of waxing methods and treatments.

You get more than the latest in waxing. We offer a wide range of specialist beauty treatments to rejuvenate you.

From all across the Fairfield area, people head to BB for their waxing needs. Whether it’s a standard bikini wax or to a complete Brazilian XXXX, we have you covered.

You’ll always know that you’re in the best of hands with Brazilian Butterfly. You have the chance to enjoy a waxing treatment that’s effective, efficient, and where your comfort is the focus.


The best waxing treatment is ready and waiting

Wondering which waxing treatment will work best for you?


We make sure you get the most effective waxing for you and your skin type.


From your initial consultation through to the wonderful feeling of the smoothest skin possible, you’ll feel special with Brazilian Butterfly.


The beauty is that it’s right here in the heart of Fairfield. 


Don’t go down the path of painful ways and waste time and money of trying to do your own waxing. You are risking damage to your skin. 


Go with the best of the best from the trusted professionals. Super smooth and soft skin is here with an expert waxing in Fairfield.


The skin you’ve always dreamt of is ready and waiting. All you need to do is you’re your appointment today. It’s all online anytime you’re ready.


For the ultimate waxing in Fairfield or the very best in IPL hair removal or skin and beauty treatments, the only name to know is Brazilian Butterfly. 



Before your waxing treatment


  • Wash your skin daily to keep follicles clean and free of bacteria.
  • Exfoliate 24-48 hours before your wax to remove as many dead skin cells as possible, to ensure the wax grabs only your hair.
  • Prepare for your wax by using the BB wipe provided to clean the area.
  • If you are concerned about sensitivity you can take Panadol or Nurofen 1 hour before your treatment. All of our waxing treatments are performed professionally and quickly with specialty wax and techniques.


  • Trim your hair before a Brazilian waxing service as it may be too short to perform the treatment. We will trim the hair to the correct length using clippers and a fresh disposable clipper attachment for every new client. Please bring with you for future treatments if it’s been a while.

  • Book an appointment if your skin has had too much sun exposure or trauma that has damaged the skin’s surface.

  • Book in for a wax if you have a spray tan that you want to keep – it will get waxed off!

After your waxing treatment


  • Moisturise your skin daily using our specialty after wax lotions designed by us, for their antibacterial qualities and professional results.
  • Exfoliate your skin 3-5 days after your wax with our essentials or delicates body wash or body scrub using a BB Mitt.

  • Always shower directly after a sweaty workout session to clear follicles or perspirations using our specialty washes. Our Sugar Cocoon wax is especially pH balanced for your intimate areas.


  • Expose your skin for prolonged periods of time for 24 to 48 hrs after waxing.

  • Apply a spray tan/self-tanning product for 24 to 48 hours after waxing.

  • Shave between waxes as this distorts the hair growth cycle and will reduce the effectiveness of your wax treatment.
  • Engage in sexual activity for the first 24 hrs after getting an intimate wax, as your hair follicles will still be open and susceptible to infection (sorry!)
  • Go to the gym after waxing.
  • Wear your bikini or go to the beach/pool on the day of your wax.

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