Man Maintenance

IPL hair removal

The precise and skilled art of ‘man-scaping’ is one that the BB butterflies have mastered!

Many men will most likely have had a dabble at some sort of grooming, sooner or later – whether they like to admit it or not!

You don’t have to be a body-builder, male model, cyclist or swimmer to want to get rid of unwanted hair. There are plenty of guys out there who want their body hair controlled in an effective way. The good news is there is now a way to help get your hair issues all sorted. The struggles are over and the solution is a whole lot easier than you think.

For smooth and silky bods without any nicks, excessive ingrown hairs, or shaving rash, we offer two great options here at Brazilian Butterfly; Waxing or IPL Hair removal. So, let this be your guide, your strategy if you will, for an ultimate hair-free body…

What you need to know about male waxing

  • Exfoliate: No matter what your treatment area, exfoliating is fundamental for smooth skin. You can use our Essentials Exfoliating Mitt to scrub your skin 12 hours before your waxing appointment to lift out any ingrown hairs and remove dead skin cells to prepare your skin.
  • Let it grow: Your waxing expert here at Brazilian Butterfly will need hair to be at least 0.5cm long for your treatment – this will ensure the wax has something to stick to! If it’s too short – expect a lot of plucking to be done, but when it’s the right length, then it’s all smooth sailing.
  • Avoid DIY: Seriously guys, it’s really not worth it! Leave it up to the experts here at Brazilian Butterfly.
  • Waxing aftercare: Use our exclusive Brazilian Butterfly aftercare products, such as our Essentials Body Lotion (with tea tree) or BB Soothe, to prevent infection, irritation and ingrown hairs, as well as extend the life of your wax.

A few fast facts

  • The male epidermis is after all up to 20% thicker than the female.
  • Men have less nerve endings close to the skin, so feel less pain than women.
  • We also have great Men’s Wax Pack options available!

Looking for something more permanent?

If you’re haunted by your hairiness and are wanting to dramatically reduce your hair growth, IPL Hair Removal may be a better option for you. Brazilian Butterfly’s advanced hair removal technology is quick, comfortable, affordable, and effective.

Get in touch with your nearest Brazilian Butterfly salon to book your free consultation.

Tips for Male IPL Hair Removal

  • Show up shaved: For the treatment to work effectively, we recommend shaving at least 12 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: For at least 48 hours – as the skin can be extra sensitive to sunlight after IPL Hair Removal Treatments.
  • Avoid exercise: Wait at least 24 hours post-treatment before you resume sport, strenuous exercise, or swimming
  • Avoid plucking or waxing between treatments: For IPL Hair Removal to work, the hair needs to be in the follicle! If you must maintain the mane between sessions, shaving is acceptable.
  • Results aren’t immediate: It may take 7 – 10 days post-treatment for the hair to start falling out. Be patient!
IPL hair removal

There’s one added bonus with IPL treatment. It hurts less than waxing. As a general rule, it is around 40 percent less painful. You also avoid all of the ripping and pain that comes with waxing although you will still receive the smooth skin!

Any questions? Feel free to give one of the Brazilian Butterfly experts a call at your local salon. We’ll ensure you leave the salon just like the smooth operator you are!