How to banish dry skin in winter?

We get it, winter time leaves our skin feeling dry and tight. Flitting between the warm car, home or office to the cold, harsh outside winter weather does our skin no favours and you probably feel your skin is screaming for moisture (well, at least our skin was!)

Luckily, we have found the best products in our range to nourish your dry skin in winter and all year round to leave it feeling soft, supple and most importantly hydrated! Use the following products, in this order, and banish dry skin for good!

Delicate Body Wash:

Squeeze this product onto your loofah and lather all over your body. You’ll find this wash is non-abrasive and perfect for the winter months leaving your skin feeling clean, healthy and moisturised. The added chamomile in this product also neutralises skin irritants and hydrates the skin without irritation.

Essentials Body Scrub:

We know what you’re thinking, my skin feels dry and you’re telling me to exfoliate it?! Yes, we absolutely are. But hear us out… using our Essentials Body Scrub will remove any dead skin cells, which are acting as a barrier between your skin and the moisturiser. By removing the dead skin before moisturising you’ll find that your skin can absorb the product much more easily and into the deeper layers.

BB Repair:

This product isn’t just for after laser hair removal treatments, it doubles as an incredibly hydrating serum as well (don’t you love a product that leads a double life?!) This light, water-based formula means it’s deeply hydrating, but doesn’t leave you feeling like you have a thick balm on your skin. Containing Gotu Kola, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E this serum will help retain the much-needed water and oils that our skin needs to feel hydrated. We love using this as a facial night cream so it can work its magic through the night. For those who want even more hydration, try mixing in a drop or two of Rosehip Oil.

Delicate Body Lotion:

Apply this one morning and night for extra protection and comfort from the elements (you can even pop this one over BB Repair at night, for even more hydration). It is a light weight formula, so you’ll barely notice it’s there, yet it will continue to nourish and hydrate the skin for up to 8 hours! Nifty, huh?!

Pro Tip: If your hands or feet are particularly dry, give this a try! Apply a thick layer of Delicate Lotion mixed with a few pumps of BB Repair to your hands or feet, and then pop some socks or gloves on top and leave on overnight to be absorbed. When you wake up, you will have beautifully nourished hands and feet!

If you want to grab any of the products listed in the blog you can shop online or pop into your nearest salon.