3 Biggest Benefits Of Moisturising Your Face Daily

Benefits of moisturising

There are questions that still persist when it comes to using a skin moisturiser. The most common is – “When and how often should I moisturise my skin?” It is always best to moisturise your face after cleansing the skin and applying any serums. Lock in moisture with your lotion.

Daily moisturising should be a part of your morning and night skin care routine – no matter what your skin type.

It is essential to nourish your skin as it loses moisture throughout the day. For skin to glow, it must be properly hydrated during everyday activities and at night whilst we sleep. There are many benefits of moisturising and having hydrated skin, but there are 3 key reasons you should keep in mind to ensure you are not skipping this important part of your skin care routine.

Benefits of moisturising

1. Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Continuing to keep your skin hydrated will protect your skin against fine lines and wrinkles developing. Moisturised skin is stronger and more supple and elastic, giving you a natural glow. With a professional moisturiser, you can improve the texture and tone of your skin.

2. Balanced Natural Oil Production In Your Skin

There is a huge misconception that if your skin is oily, then you should dry your skin out. This is actually the worst thing you could do! You will need to balance your skin’s natural oil production instead.

When drying out your skin, you trick the oil producing glands into thinking they need to produce more oil. You can get your skin back to beautiful by replenishing your skin with an Aspect moisturiser. No matter what skin type, we’ve got you covered!

3. Perfect Base For All Make-up Applications

A dry, patchy surface makes make-up application more difficult. It will also make fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes all the more noticeable.  Moisturised skin will improve your make-up application giving it a smooth, seamless surface.

For radiant looking skin and a smooth make-up application, try adding Aspect Mineral Make-ups to your daily skin care routine. A primer, liquid foundation and powder mineral make-ups will be the perfect addition to your skin care range.  

Both men and women can benefit from daily moisturising. It’s vital that the products you use are of a high quality. Some of the low-quality moisturisers will actually work against the skin and can cause anything from rashes to redness and allergic reactions.

Using a moisturiser that is properly tested and contains active ingredients will be more absorbent and effective. With specially formulated antioxidants and free from the harsh irritants of other products on the market, you have the keys to better looking skin.