Is that corn flour you’re putting on my… ?

What business does cornflour have in the waxing room?

Quite a bit actually. We use it as a substitute for talcum powder for some pretty serious reasons. So if you’re a regular at-home or in-salon waxer, you need to read on.

The reason powder is used during waxing is to absorb excess moisture and sweat on the skin, which allows for a more effective wax. We’ve also found it to help the wax set quicker.

However, studies have questioned whether talcum powder is doing more harm than good. Talcum powder is made from talc, which has trace elements of magnesium, silicon and oxygen that absorb moisture. If particles travel up the vagina and into the ovaries it can cause inflammation, which may contribute to developing ovarian cancer.

Now don’t freak out! This is exactly why we use cornflour instead. It helps us deliver a great wax without putting you in any danger.

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