Why can’t I be exposed to the sun during laser or IPL hair removal?

Already counting down to summer? Then you are no doubt thinking about laser or IPL hair removal so you are hair free in time for the warmer months.

But did you know that the sun and laser or IPL hair removal don’t actually mix?

At Brazilian Butterfly, we always recommend our clients book in for laser or IPL hair removal in the winter months, when you are less likely to be exposed to sunlight.

There are two really simple reasons as to why the sun and laser or IPL hair removal don’t mix:

The light struggles to see your hair: The light that is emitted by the laser or IPL machine is attracted to the dark colour of your hair follicle. Skin that has been tanned from sunlight, or hair that has lightened from exposure to the sun make it more difficult for the light to pick up the hair follicle, which hinders the success of the treatment.

Your skin may be extra sensitive: Post-treatment, you will find your skin is sensitive from the treatment and needs time to heal. Sun exposure during this time could damage your skin or cause pigmentation so we recommend ensuring you cover up and wear SPF30+ sunscreen to protect your skin.

Now don’t panic! We aren’t saying you can’t go in the sun at all during your laser or IPL hair removal treatments, we just recommend that if you do, you wear an SPF 30+ sunscreen in the weeks prior to, and after your treatments to protect your skin from tanning.

To discuss laser or IPL hair removal further with one of our experienced therapists you can find your local salon or book online.