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Bikini Waxing Services for females

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The leg waxing in Greensborough you’ve always dreamed of

To get the smoothest and silkiest legs possible, you need the best possible waxing. You can have legs that stay hairless for longer and avoid the hassles and headaches of shaving your legs.

It’s easy to waste time with shaving that only cuts the hair off at the surface. 

Unfortunately, you also have the chance to cause in-grown hairs and give yourself razor burn. Then there are the serious issues of skin redness and possible scarring.

There’s no need for all that trouble.

You can relax and put yourself in the hands of the trusted experts. Rather than worry about the outcome, you can enjoy the ultimate in comfort, hygiene, and care with your choice of waxing treatment. That silky smooth skin is just around the corner.

Brazilian Butterfly brings the ultimate in waxing and beauty services together for you.

The Brazilian Butterfly difference

You can always be sure you’re dealing with the best with Brazilian Butterfly.

There are always new waxing techniques, tanning treatments and beauty services evolving. Brazilian Butterfly stays on top of the latest trends and methods from all around the world.

This means you’ll always know that your local salon team are at the forefront of the latest offerings.

Whether it’s the perfect waxing or tan, beautiful brows, the smoothest skin, fabulous facial treatments or the best in special beauty treatments, they’re all yours.

Book your appointment today. It’s all here for you – online anytime you want.

For the ultimate in beauty including the best leg waxing in Greensborough, the only name to know is Brazilian Butterfly.

Bikini Waxing Services for females


Before your waxing treatment


  • Wash your skin daily to keep follicles clean and free of bacteria.
  • Exfoliate 24-48 hours before your wax to remove as many dead skin cells as possible, to ensure the wax grabs only your hair.
  • Prepare for your wax by using the BB wipe provided to clean the area.
  • If you are concerned about sensitivity you can take Panadol or Nurofen 1 hour before your treatment. All of our waxing treatments are performed professionally and quickly with specialty wax and techniques.


  • Trim your hair before a Brazilian waxing service as it may be too short to perform the treatment. We will trim the hair to the correct length using clippers and a fresh disposable clipper attachment for every new client. Please bring with you for future treatments if it’s been a while.

  • Book an appointment if your skin has had too much sun exposure or trauma that has damaged the skin’s surface.

  • Book in for a wax if you have a spray tan that you want to keep – it will get waxed off!

After your waxing treatment


  • Moisturise your skin daily using our specialty after wax lotions designed by us, for their antibacterial qualities and professional results.
  • Exfoliate your skin 3-5 days after your wax with our essentials or delicates body wash or body scrub using a BB Mitt.

  • Always shower directly after a sweaty workout session to clear follicles or perspirations using our specialty washes. Our Sugar Cocoon wax is especially pH balanced for your intimate areas.


  • Expose your skin for prolonged periods of time for 24 to 48 hrs after waxing.

  • Apply a spray tan/self-tanning product for 24 to 48 hours after waxing.

  • Shave between waxes as this distorts the hair growth cycle and will reduce the effectiveness of your wax treatment.
  • Engage in sexual activity for the first 24 hrs after getting an intimate wax, as your hair follicles will still be open and susceptible to infection (sorry!)
  • Go to the gym after waxing.
  • Wear your bikini or go to the beach/pool on the day of your wax.

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