Get the top IPL Hair Removal in Greensborough today

Get the top IPL Hair Removal in Greensborough today

IPL hair removal

The experts in IPL hair removal are here

Now’s your chance to book yourself in for the best IPL hair removal in Greensborough and the surrounding suburbs. It’s all yours, right here – right now at Brazilian Butterfly.

You can get rid of that unruly and unwanted hair with the skills and care of the experts in Greensborough. That’s the advantage of removing hair with the precision of an IPL treatment.

Gone are the days of the traditional laser technology. The time has come for a better beauty treatment that gets the results you want and deserve.

It’s goodbye to all the dramas of shaving and waxing. IPL is quick, comfortable and effective.

That delightful looking skin you’ve always wanted is right here waiting.

What a difference IPL hair removal can make

Intense Pulsed Light is a cutting-edge technology used to perform a variety of skin and hair treatments. It works by progressively reducing the amount of hair regrowth to treat the hair root.


Who can take you through the whole hair removal process from start to finish?


That’s where it pays to see the hair removal experts at Brazilian Butterfly Greensborough. It’s all about you enjoying the best possible results for a wide variety of skin and hair types.


Having that smooth skin that you’d love for longer can start today.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

IPL treatments are a specialty for the skilled team at Brazilian Butterfly. Our technicians and therapists are always trained in the latest methods to stay ahead of the curve.

Your hair removal progress will always be looked after. It’s just another part of our wide range of specialist beauty treatments for your rejuvenation.

Right throughout the Greensborough area, people know that BB offers the best of the best. Whether it’s IPL for your underarms, thighs or legs, arms, body or around your face, Brazilian Butterfly will look after you. You can always be sure you’re in the best of hands.

For the most effective IPL hair treatment, you’re at the right place.



IPL hair removal

More time to enjoy less hair

For the best in IPL treatments talk to the professionals at Brazilian Butterfly first.


We are more than happy to take you through the IPL process so you’ll always know what to expect and what is possible.


You can be enjoying a dramatically reduced hair growth where the benefits are longer lasting. Your BB therapist is here to make you feel at home and to head off feeling as wonderful as possible.


There’s a whole range of hair removal treatments for both women and men of all skin and hair types.


Talk to the trusted team at Brazilian Butterfly Greensborough today and get on top of your hair issues sooner rather than later. You can book online anytime – we’re always ready for you.


For the ultimate IPL hair removal Greensborough as well as the best in tanning, waxing or skin and beauty treatments, the only name to know is Brazilian Butterfly.


Before your IPL treatment


  • Shave the area to be treated 24 hours prior to arriving for your appointment. This does not apply to your first consultation as we will need to assess your skin and hair type to give an accurate recommendation.


  • Wax between treatment as the roots of your hair need to be present for the treatment to be successful. Shaving or trimming may be done between treatments. If you do decide to wax, you’ll need to wait 4-6 weeks before you have another treatment.

After your IPL treatment


  • At a minimum, wear SPF 15+ lotion daily on treated areas that are exposed to sunlight. This helps prevent hyperpigmentation (skin discolouration) and skin sensitivity.
  • Apply a cooling gel to the treated area straight after treatment and over the next 3-5 days. Our BB Repair is an aloe vera gel that has bene specially formulated to remove heat from the skin and restore hydration.
  • Be patient. Your hair growth pattern means that you may not see any results after your first 3 sessions.
  • A week after your laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended you exfoliate the area every few days with BB Body Scrub or an exfoliating mitt to help avoid bumps and ingrown hairs and to help the hair shed from the area.


  • Expose the treated area to direct sun for a minimum of 2 weeks after your hair removal treatment.

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