Brow Lamination? – How it Works and Why You Need It

Eyebrow Tint Beauty Treatment

Not everyone knows what eyebrow lamination means.

Not everyone knows what it can do for you.

Nearly everyone who tries it, swears by the results. That’s where eyebrow lamination from true professionals makes all the difference.

Having the most beautiful brows is easier than you think.

What Even Is Brow Lamination?

It’s a painless way to have your eyebrow hairs follow the same pattern.

The brow hairs are straightened using a specially formulated keratin solution for specific use on eyebrows.

For those who are a little more sensitive, we can offer a complimentary test patch before deciding whether or not lamination is right for you.

Any risks are low especially when you choose a trusted professional to laminate your eyebrows.

The whole process takes less than an hour (usually around 20 minutes). It’s a great deal faster than the 3 hours that a microblading session can often take. The lamination results are better too.

A faster method, safer procedure, with better looking brows? It’s no wonder that brow lamination grows in popularity every day.

What Can Laminating Your Brows Do For You?

Lamination does more than give your brows a fuller, thicker look. It can sometimes make it appear as if you have new growth.

The different issues that lamination can help address include;

  • unruly hairs that go in different directions
  • gaps in your brows (from too much previous plucking or waxing)
  • lack of shape, styling or uneven brows
  • thinning hair from ageing

It has fast become the easiest way to ditch the dangers of microblading with their small skin cuts and use of needles.

The results are long lasting, keeping your brows looking their best.

The Best Way to Get the Best Result

As with any beauty treatment, you will want to know that you are dealing with professionals. This is especially important when it comes to eyebrow lamination.

Talking to your therapist about any concerns or skin issues that you have had in the past will make the process easier for all concerned.

You don’t need to undergo any special pre-preparation before laminating your brows, but you will need to stay away from retinoids for a few nights prior to your procedure.

If you are looking for fluffier results with your brows, your therapist will advise against trimming your brows. Fully grown brow hairs can look better because of their even length once they are fluffed up.

After Brow lamination

Brow Lamination - Things To Look Out For

It might sound like eyebrow lamination is so easy that you could do it all yourself.

The trouble with a DIY version of the procedure is getting the full kit with the special bonders and being able to follow all the guidelines strictly.

Because the process is in the area of your eyes, you need to be more than just careful or you may injure yourself.

To ensure the best results, be sure to book in with one of our highly trained therapists for your eyebrow treatment.

They will be able to take you through each step, such as:

  1.  The initial consultation
  2.  Answer any questions or queries you have
  3.  Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed about the procedure
  4.  Perform the necessary patch test and check for any allergies or previous     issues with other beauty treatments
  5.  Offer you easy to follow advice once the procedure is complete

These are the key things to look for when you are ready to try lamination. You want to feel comfortable with your decision and know you’re in the best of hands.

The Beauty of Brazilian Butterfly Brows

Having your special lamination done with the experienced
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