Benefits Of Aftercare For Your Beauty Treatments

Benefits of Aftercare for your beauty treatments

We have heard it all before, you need to have all of these specialised beauty products but you don’t know what to do with them. You end up putting them in the cupboard and feel like you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money. How about if the aftercare for your beauty treatments involved minimal products and we actually explained why and how they work!?

Post care is so important after all beauty treatments. It can be easy to get lost in the detail, so let’s make it as simple and clear for you as possible by giving you Brazilian Butterfly’s top tips!

Benefits of Aftercare for your beauty treatments


To ensure we keep our skin hydrated and avoid ingrown hairs, it is recommended to purchase a Brazilian Butterfly Essentials Kit! This includes the following;

Essentials Body Wash for everyday use, with antibacterial benefits of tea tree and protective botanicals. Essentials Body Scrub for pre and post waxing, 2-3 times per week ongoing. With environmentally friendly walnut shell granules and tea tree. Essentials Body Lotion to ensure you skin is continuing to be nourished and stays hydrated and protected. Antibacterial benefits of tea tree and aloe. Essentials Exfoliating Mitt paired perfectly with Brazilian Butterfly’s Essential Scrub for those wanting a double exfoliation experience.

We also have Brazilian Butterfly Delicates Body Wash & Lotion  for those who want a softer scent and one that’s great for sensitive skin. The Delicates range (with orange blossom) is extremely hydrating, easily absorbed and isn’t greasy.

Lash Lifting

Who doesn’t want to have fuller lashes daily!? With a lash lift and tint from Brazilian Butterfly you can! Saving yourself time from the morning mascara battle!

Post Lash Lift, grab your Elleebana Advanced Aftercare. This clear gel is formulated for the perfect daily treatment. Helping maintain your lash lift restoring proteins to speed up the cell generation in your lashes. All whilst ensuring lash health.

Apply daily to ensure you keep your lashes hydrated and healthy with an easy to use application wand.

IPL Hair Removal

After your IPL Hair Removal treatment, you absolutely cannot go past our BB Repair! If you have one product in your bathroom it must be this one.

Formulated with chamomile, aloe vera and Gotu Kola this wondergel is great to rehydrate and cool the skin after IPL treatments, you can use the BB Repairs post treatment, sunburn or after minor burns.

This is skin repair in a bottle!

IPL Skin/Peels

If you do not continue with your skin care at home between services, you will not achieve the best results possible.

Professional skincare products are an important first step before any skin treatments can be performed. Committing to a skincare routine by using the Aspect product range ensures the skin is in optimum condition. Daily SPF is a must prior to all skin treatments to protect the skin from sun damage.

IPL Skin:

Your Brazilian Butterfly therapist will recommend you the most beneficial Aspect products to support your treatment and desired results!


After your peel treatment, continue the use of Gentle Clean Cleanser, Hydrating & Red-less Serums for at least 72 hours prior to putting anything else on your skin, this includes SPF. You can apply  the Aspect Mineral Powder make-up during this time, which will help avoid any  clogging of the pores.

3 days post peel treatment, we recommend the use of Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask to assist the final shedding process of the skin.

By following these handy aftercare tips for your beauty treatments, we ensure that you can enjoy the best of your beauty treatments and see great lasting results.

Visit your local Brazilian Butterfly salon or shop online now for the ultimate in aftercare.