Franchising With Brazilian Butterfly
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Franchising With Brazilian Butterfly

There is no better time than now to run your own profitable beauty business in the form of a Brazilian Butterfly. We are Australia's premier hair removal franchise with 31 successful salons operating in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and the ACT.

With strong marketing and branding, unrelenting commitment to the highest standards in training, service and product, along with the backing of Brazilian Butterfly's business systems and procedures, your new business will thrive in this progessive industry. If you're commited, driven, customer service focussed, and passionate, we'd love to have you as a franchise partner.

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As a progressive franchise business, Brazilian Butterfly's vision is to become one of Australia's most recognised, successful and profitable beauty salon chains.

We were established after identifying a gap in the beauty industry - the need for a professional, fresh, and progressive salon specialising in a niche market that had been neglected by other salons.


1. How many years has Brazilian Butterfly been in existence?

The first Brazilian Butterfly opened in Richmond Victoria in 2002. We have been franchising since 2004 and we are owned and operated by Australians.

2. How much is a Brazilian Butterfly Franchise?

The all inclusive cost of a franchise ranges between $190,000 to $240,000. This includes store fit-out, equipment, training fees and all other fees and charges.

3. How much is the royalty fee and what do I receive for my royalty fee?

The royalty fee is 7 percent of gross sales. The royalty fee covers a wide variety of management assistance and operational services provided by Brazilian Butterfly, including:

  • Utilisation of Trade Marks and Business System;
  • Maintain consistency and compliance, quality and consistency of the Brand;
  • On-going research and development of new products and equipment;
  • Establishment and licensing of vendors and distributors;
  • Greater buying power;
  • Access to Operations Manuals and Training Materials;
  • Operational support, coaching and guidance from a business and operational perspective.

4. Is there an advertising fee and, if so what type of advertising and promotional support will I receive?

Yes. Franchisees participate in an Advertising program funded by a monthly contribution of 4 percent of gross sales. Advertising and promotion is an essential part of the development of the Brazilian Butterfly Franchise network and image. This fund is earmarked for salon advertising and other support services.

  • Product brochures to educate our customers
  • Distribution of press releases to the media
  • Production of promotional literature
  • Media
  • Radio

5. Is there a training program and, if so what type of training will I receive?

Yes. Upon acceptance of your franchise agreement and prior to you opening your salon, you will receive comprehensive training. This informative and intensive 4 week session covers every aspect of operations including purchasing, merchandising and product knowledge. As well as you will be fully trained in all Brazilian Butterfly waxing services. Training occurs in one of ourcompany owned salons.

6. What are the services a new franchisee receives from Brazilian Butterfly before a salon opens?

Because determining a good location is so important, Brazilian Butterfly will select a site or assist in the selection process.

  • After site selection, the lease is negotiated and signed by Brazilian Butterfly with a licence to lease to the franchisee
  • Design and construction services are provided by Brazilian Butterfly for the location
  • Brazilian Butterfly also selects and procures key fixtures and equipment

7. Does Brazilian Butterfly help me open my new salon?

Yes. We provide field support in your new salon to help open and merchandise.

8. Is the Franchisee required to purchase any equipment or supplies directly from Brazilian Butterfly?

Certain private label products must be purchased from Brazilian Butterfly

9. How much can I expect to earn from my salon?

Your actual salon earnings depend on a number of factors including store location, amount of time you work, your management skills and economic conditions. Essentially, you are starting a new business and there are risks. We will help you attempt to minimise those risks. Therefore, it is impossible to predict your sales levels and earnings.

10. Who builds a Brazilian Butterfly salon?

Brazilian Butterfly salons are developed through the use of approved Brazilian Butterfly approved shopfitters. Brazilian Butterfly overviews the development and building of each salon. The franchisees will be responsible for all architectural, engineering and construction fees and costs. The overall investment cost is covered in question 2.

11. What about building plans?

Brazilian Butterfly will provide building plans for your location

12. Who selects the location of my salon?

Franchisees conduct their own due diligence and enquiries as to the suitability of any site for a Brazilian Butterfly franchise. Brazilian Butterfly generally secures the location and negotiates the lease terms. Franchisee candidates are welcome to suggest locations for consideration.

13. What are the criteria for choosing a salon?

Selection of a good site is very important. Items as vehicular and pedestrian traffic, visibility, population density and income lease costs, the proximity to major residential areas and other retail businesses are all items which a franchisee should take into consideration.

14. What is the ideal size and location for a Brazilian Butterfly salon?

Brazilian Butterfly is a flexible concept and operate effectively in a size range between 100 and 150 square metres

15. What salon design assistance do I receive?

We work with architects and designers to create detailed functional building plans and store designs that are a integral part of the Brazilian Butterfly formula. In addition, equally attractive and easily identifiable exterior signage has been designed.

16. What hours will the salon be open?

In a typical salon Monday to Wednesday 10.00am to 8.00pm, Thursday to Friday 9.00am to 9.00pm and Saturday 9.00am to 6.00pm.

17. What is the length of my franchise agreement?

The length of the agreement is 5yrs.

18. May I sell my franchise right?

Yes, subject to Brazilian Butterfly approval of purchaser.

19. Can I own more than one salon?

Yes, if the franchisee is financially and managerially qualified, as well as complies with the standard of operation outlined in the franchise agreement.

20. Why should I purchase a franchise?

The primary advantage of franchising is that it substantially reduces risks. Other significant advantages include:

  • The buying power and consistent product quality that is available from the franchisor
  • Proven systems of operations and training
  • Affiliation with a growing national chain that provides the name recognition and quality identifications associated with widely recognised franchised concepts
  • The initial and on-going support of a franchisor who succeeds only to the extent that its franchisees succeed

21. How soon after approval can I expect to open my salon?

That depends primarily on the availability of locations in the area you have selected for your salon.

22. What experience do I need to operate a Brazilian Butterfly salon?

The primary qualifications are financial stability and capability combined with a demonstrated work ethic and desire to succeed. The character and motivation of the franchisee is considered more critical to the performance of the business than prior business or retail experience, as our extensive training program and salon assistance will ready you to operate a Brazilian Butterfly salon.

23. Does Brazilian Butterfly require franchisees to be actively involved in operating the salon?

Yes. The Brazilian Butterfly business requires and responds to the personal input and attention of the owner. It is essential that the franchisee becomes personally involved in all aspects of the business. You can expect to work long hours, particularly in the beginning. You should be wiling and capable of performing all sales, promotion and other functions that are required on a daily basis. The demands on you personally can be minimised by your ability to attract, motivate and retain capable employees.

24. I am definitely interested in franchising a Brazilian Butterfly salon. What do I do next?

Complete and return the application form. Upon receipt of your application form we will be in contact to begin the process.

25. What happens after I submit my Franchise application form?

Your application will be reviewed as soon as it is received. The process may take up to 1 week. Should your application prove satisfactory, we will be contacting you to arrange for you to go through the Approval process involving a series of interviews.

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