Brazilian Waxing
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Brazilian Waxing

At Brazilian Butterfly we have witnessed the increasing interest in Brazilian waxing amongst Australian women. Due to the over-popularized term 'Brazilian wax' it has lead to confusion as to what a 'Brazilian' actually is. A true Brazilian is when the hair is clippered, the pubic line is bought down and the labia and bottom are waxed, leaving a thin strip of hair at the front. The Brazilian wax was developed to compliment the style of G-string's worn in Brazil.

Brazilian and clip (X)
A high bikini wax. We clip the hair, wax the sides and pubic line if required.
Brazilian and bottom (XX)
A G-String Wax. We wax around the labia and into the bottom. We also bring down the pubic line and clipper the hair.
Brazilian and labia (XXX)
A true Brazilian wax. We wax over the labia, into the bottom, leaving a small strip on the pubic bone at the front.
Brazilian all off (XXXX)
All the hair in the pubic region is waxed off.

With all of our Brazilian waxes the hair is clippered back to the ideal length for waxing.

* Please note that prices may vary from salon to salon or state to state.

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